Screen with disks


The OUTCART is a particular sieve with disks, which separates materials according to their dimensions and physical characteristics.

 The main use of this machine is the separation of cardboards from the remaining flow.

 It is used for:  

•paper/cardboard collection;  

•mult-imaterial collection.

 It work sas follows: 

•the materials that have to be screened arrive in the sieve; the sieve is equipped with multiple rotating shafts, on which the metal discs are mounted;

• the movement of the machine causes the shaking and the bounce of the materials;

•the smallest and most flexible materials, like for example newspapers, magazines and sheets, fall among the disks and are recovered in a bucket or a belt conveyor; 

• the thicker and more rigid materials, especially the cardboards, "float" on the surface of the discs following the motion of the machine, and they are transported to the exit of the machine;

•an inverter allows to regulate the speed of the discs depending on the nature of the material; 

•it is possible to install multiple levels of sifting with disks of different sizes and with different spacing between discs; this allows to have different levels of sifting with fractions differentiated.

The highlights of the OUTCART are:

• the possibility to effect multiple levels of sifting and to obtain material fractions of different sizes;

• the limited space;

• the flexibility of use.

Proposed models: