Sorting cabin


The SORTING CABIN is the working place for the staff that is assigned to selection.

Its main characteristics are:

                    • the walls are formed by sandwich panels of 50 mm of thickness; these are made of two outer

                   plates of lacquered steels and inside them a polyurethane foam is injected, in order to obtain

                      a good thermo and acoustic insulation (noise level variation from 75 to 80 dB maximum);

                    • the floor is islate by 20 mm of wood plates and covered with an antislip aluminium coating;

                    • an inner floor height of 2750 mm, which allows to have a great volume for the field of vision;

                    • the interior of beige colour;

                    • sliding doors in aluminium of white colour;

                    • natural lighting is privileged at best;

                    • a lighting system, fixed on the ceiling, for a good diffusion of the light for the selection staff;

                    • the respect of the rules in force of 400 lux for the room, and of 600 lux in the areas of

                      manual selection;

                    • the places for the selection process may be equipped, if requested, with a foot-board; the

                      foot-board is adjustable in height (from 0 to 300 mm).