Moving floor


The SYDRAV is an innovative moving floor created by Hofmann to answer the requirements of dynamic storage of large quantities of material.


Some typical applications are:

                    • to automatize the storage boxes of a sorting plant; the SYDRAV is placed at the bottom

                      of the opening, then it is loaded and when it becomes full it empties the material on the feeding coveyor of the baler;

                    • to receive the incoming materials, directly from the buckets, and to send them to the



The main characteristics of the SYDRAV are:

                     • its robustness;

                     • it doesn’t need any masonry, but it can be placed directly on the ground;

                     • the parts that come into contact with the material are interchangeable;

                     • the adaptability of installation (the range spans from 1 mt to 10 mt of width and from 5 mt to

                       12 mt of length).