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Industrial recycling started about 50 years ago, but at first it was oriented essentially to those materials with added value that were already sorted (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). The development of paper and cardboard recycling in the years 1970s contributed to the development of technical packaging solutions in order to optimize the management and the transport of materials. A few experiments on the sorting of Municipal Solid Waste were made too, but without success.

Waste sorting Facilities have really emerged only in the 1990s when kerbside collection of paper, cardboard and packagings in general was introduced.

At that time, Hofmann Group decided to start an activity in the environment and recycling field, conceiving and producing first the multi-purpose balers and later some complete solutions for the selection and the treatment of waste.

Today, Hofmann offers its complete solutions of:

 •conditioning for all of thesorting plants, recycling or treatment plants, with a whole range of reliable and efficient presses.

•sorting plants for:

◦separate collections;

◦selection centers;

◦organic waste of urban source or Mechanical Biological Treatment and composting;

◦commercial and industrial waste;

◦CDR (Fuel From Waste);

◦Building and Demolition waste.

Hofmann is at side of the Customer at all stages, from design to installation and in after-sales service.


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