Ballistic screen


The SEBALIS is an innovative ballistic screen which divides materials, exploiting their different elasticity.

When the materials bounce hard on its sifting plate, they are separated depending on their different ballistic trajectory.

It can be used for:

                   • multi-material collection (to divide the hollow bodies from the flat bodies);

                   • “plastic” collection (to divide bottles from films).

 It can be also used in the treatment of industrial or demolition waste.

 It works as follows:  

                    • the material is introduced in the middle part of the sifting plate, which is inclined upwards;

                    • the movement of the plate, realized by four eccentric shafts, makes the materials bounce


                    • the rigid elements (tipically typically) bounce on the plate and tend to roll downwards;

                    • the supple elements (tipically paper or nylon) tend to adhere to the plate and they are

                      conveyed forward;

                    • smaller bodies fall directly in the holes of the plate.

 The highlights of the SEBALIS are: 

                    • a whole sifting plate, big up to 30 square meters;

                    • no loss of exploitable fractions;

                    • a screening scope to 200 mm;

                    • an adjustable frequency speed, from 150 to 240 oscillations/minute;

                    • the mechanical parts are all on the outer side of the material screening area; 

                    • an air flow that allow to refine the fraction of the hollow bodies from the small paper;

                    • a screening grid which can be changed according to the requirements are interchangeable