Selection platform



                            • to support the selection room and the related equipments;

                            • the access to the selection staff and to the visitors of the site;

 Its main characteristics are:

                            • an admitted load of 4 kN/m2;

                            • the ground fixing is made by expansion plugs;

                            • the height of the handrail is 1 100 mm;

                            • an adjustable height from the ground, depending on the environmental bonds (usually

                              4500 mm).

Coupled and integrated to the platform, there is  the visiting circuit, which ic useful for the access of visitors, but also for inspections and controls.

This is designed to have the possibility to visualize the whole process without going through the selection rooms.

A few design parameters that have been considered are:

                            • a useful width of the passage of 1 200 mm;

                            • a height of the free passage under the girder of at least 2 100 mm;

                            • the parapets answer the rules “jeune public”;

                            • the machineries or the technical areas are delimited by safety nets, and are accessible

                              through doors provided with electric safety contacts.