Residual waste/MSW/MBT


Municipal Solid Waste (RSU) is an undoubtedly the most heterogeneous waste. They are essentially formed by domestic waste, but also by green waste.

Domestic waste are formed basically by packagings, (plastics, metals, glass), cardboards, paper and organic matters.

Thanks to their robustness and reliability, the solutions and the equipments designed by Hofmann are perfectly suitable for the pre-treatment of the domestic waste, especially on the plants for the Mechanical Biological Treatment (TMB). They allow an optimized separation of the materials in order:

 •to recover the recyclable products, like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic bags;

•to extract the organic quality intended for composting;

•to obtain the maximum of the fractions in calorific susceptible of transformation in Fuel From Waste (CDR);

•to minimize quantities destined for the dump.