Revolving screen


The ROSELECT is an innovative revolving screen (or trommel=drum), which effects a separation based on the dimensions of the incoming material (granulometric) in two or more fractions. 


It works as follows:

• the material that has to be screened is introduced into the upper end of the drum;

• the revolving movement of the drum, coupled to its inclination forward,  allows to make the materials advance towards the other end of the drum;

• the revolving movement shakes the material, making it hit repeatedly the grids of the drum;

•Larger materials (larger than the holes of the grids) go forward, while the smaller ones fall through the grids;

•in the frame of the drum more than one layer of grids may be fixed, in order to obtain more fractions of materials with different dimensions.


 Depending on the application:

 •the shape (cylindrical or octagonal)

•the diameter

•the length of the drum

may change.


The highlights of the ROSELECT are: 

•a high revolving speed (up to 20 revolutions/minute for the model with diameter 3000);

•absence of significant vibrations: this is possible thanks to a careful manufacturing;

•a strong permeability (an average of 75% vacuum);

•easily interchangeable bolted grids on the frame of the drum;

•the possibility of installing the “shovel” in order to accentuate the movement of the material on the grids.