Oscillating screen


THE SEPOS is an oscillating screen which effects an accurate granulometric separation of the treated materials, producing two (or more) sub-streams, which have a smaller or bigger particles than the diameter of the holes of the grid.


It is used in the most different situations, such as:

               • the cleaning of the glass;

               • the separation of mixed collections with the glass;

               • the cleaning of waste collection of the hollow bodies or paper;

               • the cleaning and the separation of collections of Solid Wastes Assimilable to the Municipal  

                 ones (RSAU).

It works as follows:

               • the material that has to be screened is introduced into the upper part of the machine, that is 

                  disposed with a slight inclination forward;

               • the screening grid has a rotary-oscillating motion, mainly due to the effect of an eccentric;

               • this movement, coupled to the inclination, allows to make the materials advance and at the

                 same time to shake them, causing them to enter repeatedly in contact with the grid;

               • the fine materials fall from the holes of the grids and are collected in a bucket or belt conveyor;

               • materials that are larger than the holes in the output of the machine are set to further


The highlights of the SEPOS are:

                • the hight and accurate  quality of separation;

                • the rotary-oscillating motion, which does not cause kinking of the materials or the breakdown of

                  certain components of the flow or the clogging of the grids (problems that may occur with other

                  types of screens);

                 • the very low noise level;

                 • the absence of vibrations of the machine when it works.

Proposed models: