The plant for dust suction (and air treatment) allow to “intercept” dust from the machines that produce them. In particular, we talk about those machines placed at the beginning of the treatment, whose job is also to suppress dust from the material (the TAROS, the ROSELECT the SEBALIS); this occurs especially in case of a separate multi-material collection.

The functioning of this plant is integrated into complete system.

The plant is frequently connected with a cleaning plant: a net of pipes runs through the plant area with 10 fix suction points; a may be joined to each one of these points, by using a suitable ergonomic grip that allows the maintenance personnel to easily clean the plant.


The ventilation andair conditioning plant allows to reduce the chemical and biological risks that the personnel may incur, besides creating a comfortable context for the selection staff.

The plant is realized in accordance with the INRS rules (French National Institute of Health Research), and it guarantees every worker an uncontaminated microclimate.

The plant uses only fresh air (uncontaminated) that is conditioned (warmed in winter or cooled in summer) and then distributed paying particular attention to the areas where the single employees work, using suitable diffusers