Conveyor slat


The TRAMET is a tested conveyor or belt with metallic slats, which is dragged by a chain and answers the transport requirements for large material quantities.

Its typical applications are:

                        • baler feeder: the conveyor is loaded by a mechanical mean and it carries to the hopper of

                          the baler large volumes (and weights) of material;

                        • to empty the boxes of sorting plant;

                        • feeding of a plant.

 The characteristics of the mark TRAMET are:

                         • its robustness;

                         • the modular conception of the conveyor, which facilitates the setting up and any possible


                         • its excellent resistance to damp and dusty materials, especially in the version “with

                           rubber cover";

                         • the adaptability of installation (the range spans from 1,2 mt to 2 mt of width and up to 50

                           mt of length).