Following the development of separate collections, during the past 20 years several sorting plants were put into service in all of the European territory.

The solutions designed and developed by Hofmann to select different collections integrate the latest technologies and are enable to obtain excellent performances both for the exploitation of materials and for the optimization of personnel.

Hofmann has developed specific machines in order to provide the best solutions for the operators of the sorting plants and for the communities.

Some solutions are:

 •OUTCART (cardboards opener) specific to extract big cardboards;

•ROSELECT (revolving screen or TROMMEL) innovative in order to maximize the selection performances;

•SEBALIS (ballistic screen) to optimize the separation of flat bodies from the hollow ones and to limit losses of exploitable products;

•The integration of OPTICAL SEPARATORS in order to finalize the selection and to guarantee an excellent final quality control.

The recovery of different paper fractions (Newspapers, 1.11,…), cardboards (1.04, 1.05), plastic (PET, PE, PP,…), metals (aluminium and steel) can thus be maximized in the interest of the operators and the environment.

The selected products can be packed with the BALERS designed by HOFMANN; these balers respond perfectly to the specific value chains with high performances and reliability. HOFMANN has manufactured and built many sorting plants (e.g. in France since 1996), with high efficiency and with the highest performances in the market.