Paper Shredder


The PAP-SHRED is an innovative paper shredder allowing obtaining a variable shredder size (from relatively big to semi-confidential).

The variation of the shredder size is done from the control panel. It is possible to adjust the different settings in a "recipe" (up to 20).

The user then chose his "recipe" and the shredder adapts to the desired conditions.

It finds its application in paper collection and allows to:

  • Easily shred thick and voluminous materials (directories, newspaper packages)
  • « Open » the News and Pams in order to improve their baling
  • Perform a "primary" destruction of documents
  • Do the destruction of books, magazines, etc. to prevent them of being sold
  • Destroy mixed archives

The main strengths of the PAP-SHRED are as follows:

  • A high production, thanks to its particular knives
  • Electric absorption a lot less than traditional machines, particularly during peak operation.
  • The possibility of varying the shredder size, thanks to a dynamic adjustment system of the counter knives.

At request of the client, we can offer as an option:

  • A soundproofing cabin in order to limit noise emissions
  • A dust recovery system