Feeder hopper


The ALSYT is a particular feeder hopper that allows to store significant quantities of materials and to  release them in a gradual and uniform way.

It can be used for:

                     • collections of paper/cardboard;

                     • multi-material collections not in bags.

 The ALSYT is placed at the first stage of a sorting plant or a working plant and:

                     • it is loaded up to the maximum of its capacity;

                     • the walking floor placed at the bottom of the hopper makes the material go forward;

                     • two independent drums provide calibration and release of the material.

 The highlights of the ALSYT are:

                     • the gradual and uniform feeding of the plant;

                     • the creation of a  buffer store with a significant storage volume (up to 72 cubic meters)

                     • the easiness, for the User, of regulating the flow rate.

 When the User regulates the desired hourly flow rate, all the regulations will be effected automatically.