Turnkey plants


The Hofmann plants that are designed for the treatment of :

                          • RSU

                          • Separate collections

                          • RSAU

                          • Others

are conceived in a modular way and they integrate the automatic solutions for the selection of the different flows.

Depending on the nature of the materials to be treated, different machines and systems can be integrated; in particular:

                          • the revolving screen ROSELECT, for separation depending on the size of the materials;

                          • the oscillating screen SEPOS is used for separation depending on the size of the

                            materials too, but it is indicated in particular for certain kind of flows;

                          • the ballistic screen SEBALIS, for separation depending on the rigid or supple nature of

                            the materials;

                          • the sieve with disks OUTCART, for the extraction of large and rigid material from a flow

                            (e.g. cardboards);

                          • the aerolic screen, for separation depending on the density of the material;

                          • the selectors of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (overbands and with Foucault current);

                          • the optical separators.

The Hofmann plants are conceived and designed to answer the needs and requirements of the Customers; the studying stage of the plant is very important and it is conducted with a strong interaction with the Customer.

 The careful and rugged construction guarantees a long life and an extremel needs of the maintenance.

The rules for safety work for the staff are an integral part of the project.

Hofmann has a test center for the trials on Your material.