The combustible materials destined for the production of Solid              Recovered Fuels (CDR) come from:

 •Separate collections at source, specific combustible fractions like plastic, paper, wood, cardboard;

•Waste from selection plants from separate collections;

•Pre-treatment plants of Municipal Solid Waste (RSU);

•Sorting plants of industrial waste;

•Sortings plants of the construction and demolition waste.

 The final users of these combustible fractions are, for example, cement mills and thermal power plants, which usually require a very strict quality (e.g. chlorine rate < 0,5%).

Beyond the selection solutions, with reference to the above-mentioned fractions, Hofmann offers also solutions to optimize the quality of these Fuels (CDR) in accordance with the final users (according to the European standard CEN 343).

 These solutions enable to:                   

•Extract the different combustible fractions;

•Exclude the non-combustible materials (ferrous/non-ferrous metals, inert materials);

• Eliminate undesirable components;

•Optimize the production of the Fuel From Waste (CDR) according to the specifics (gradation, calorific,..).