Feeder bag opener


The TAROS is a polyvalent machine that carries out multiple functions:

                     • storage hopper for the material that has to be treated;

                     • to feed a plant;

                     • regulate and calibrate the flow of the outcoming material;

                     • bag opener

                     • it automatically excludes itself in the presence of bulky elements.

It can be used above all for:

                     • selective collections packed in plastic bags;

                     • collections that include cardboards and packaging of commercial users;

                     • collections where the presence of bulky objects is highly foreseeable.

The TAROS is placed at the first stage of a selection plant and:

                     • the material can be loaded in the machine up to the maximum of its capacity (the walking

                       floor at the bottom doesn't have weight problems);

                     • the elevation coveyor belt, which is placed downstream of the walking floor, makes the material that

                       has to be worked go forward in a calibrated way;

                     • in the last part of this belt, the material is exposed to the opener, which tears and empties

                       the bags. The operation is very effective, thanks to the alternated and opposite movement

                       of the two harrow sets that are fixed in the opener;

                     • each one of the harrows is designed for a specific effort, beyond which it excludes itself;

                       moreover, in case of bulky bodies, the opener excludes itself for the time that is needed in

                       order to let the foreign body pass through and thus avoiding inopportune stops;

The highlights of the TAROS are:

                     • the creation of a  buffer storage with a significant storage volume (up to 72 cubic meters)

                     • the effectiveness in the opening of the bags (up to 98%);

                     • to preserve the value of the materials, given that the opener does neither grind nor mince

                       the material;

                     • a gradual and uniform feeding of the plant; the User can regulate the flow rate of the