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HOFMANN designs and manufactures balers and different types of equipment for customers in the recycling industry.

Our machinery is manufactured, assembled and tested to the ISO 9001 2000 standards, ensuring the highest quality standards.

At HOFMANN we strive to achieve the following key criteria:

  • Maximum Throughput
  • Minimal Labour Input
  • Reliability
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Robust Design and Construction

In order to obtain this, Hofmann:

  • Works with its customers, and naturally becomes their partner,
  • Carefully uses the feedback of the equipment already installed in order to make ongoing improvements both at technical level as at process level.

Hofmann has developed:

•Multi-purpose balers

These balers allow to compact consecutively and in any order all kind of materials: industrial waste, domestic wastes, paper, cardboard, newspapers,aluminium and iron cans, plastic bags, hollow bodies PVC, PEHD, PET, without any pre-working upstream. (e.g. bottle perforator).


•Automatic sorting machinery, which work on the base of different criteria:

-dimensions: oscillating screen and revolving screen;

-physical characteristics of the body: ballistic screen, useful to divide the hollow bodies (bottles) from the flat ones (films or paper) or the heavy bodies from the light ones;

-weight: aerolic system.


•Innovative solutions to minimize both human and mechanical intervention;

-dynamic or gravity drain storage silos;

-coordinated systems to correct mistakes during the selection process.


•Complete turnkey plants are being studied in the branch of RSAU (Solid Wastes Assimilable to the Municipal ones), CDR (Fuel From Waste) and TMB (Mechanical Biological Treatment).


Other machineries and solutions are currently being studied in the branch of the Solid Waste Assimilable to the Municipal ones (RSAU), Fuel From Waste (CDR) and Mechanical Biological Treatment (TMB).